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We Believe that the Best way to
Improve Your Golf Game
is to Improve Your Golf Body.  
Your Golf Body consists of all of the
Movements, Muscles, Motions, and Patterns
that are VITAL to the Golf Swing.

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Let Us Help You Improve Your Golf Body.
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  Here's What Members Are Saying:

"Five Iron has helped me become more flexible, and develop better strength and stamina in addition to helping me lose some weight."  Craig Thomas, Head Pro, Metropolis CC

I began working with Five Iron three years ago and am amazed at the transformation in my golf swing and my personal fitness level as a result of our sessions.  The work I have done with them has allowed me to build a more solid, fundamental, and repeatable swing that I wasn't capable of prior to their instruction.  I have more energy on the course, find that my swing is now consistent over eighteen holes, and am enjoying the extra distance I gained too. " Chris Connolly, Scarsdale GC


"I am now in better shape and feel better than before I started training at Five Iron Fitness.  I would highly suggest anybody to check out Five Iron Fitness and let them develop a program."
Carl Alexander, Head Pro,
GC of Purchase

“Five Iron Fitness provides the best training for golf fitness…. It has helped me increase flexibility and core strength and has improved my overall fitness." Ken A, Lake Isle CC
"The Five Iron Fitness team will be instrumental in helping the Scarsdale Golf Professionals diagnose deficiencies and challenges that your body may have that prevents you from playing your best golf.  Our staff has had a working relationship with Five Iron Fitness for the last 5 years and we are excited that they are now part of the Scarsdale Fitness Team."  Bill Smittle, Head Pro, Scarsdale GC
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Call us NOW to find out how we can help you immediately!
914-948-3549  or email us FiveIronFitness at Gmail.com